Real Estate Services

Our partners cover a wide range of brokerage services so they are able to meet the needs of our customers , including:

  • Property valuations .
  • Property Management .
  • Sales and rental properties .
  • Legal and Notarial coverage.
  • Energy certificates of experienced energy inspectors .

Using the most modern and reliable, valuation forms and relying on a constantly updated database of real estate sales and rentals, we offer you the most convincing analysis of the value of each property. Especially for those who want to sell, the complete, completely personal, and not general evaluation, includes a complete record of the properties of the property, its technical condition and any weaknesses, the existence of which can significantly affect both the final price as well as the time of sale.            

Real estate management

If you have a property and you are in another city or abroad we can take over its management. That is, the collection of rent, the bills and the inspection of your property are done by a person from our office who regularly informs you about his overall condition. We represent you in every transaction for the purchase, sale, lease or consideration of your real estate until the completion of the transaction.

Our company, with its specialized and experienced executives, informs and guides you according to your requirements and the financial specifications that you want.            


- Makes its assessment based on market data, objective and commercial values of the area.

- Negotiates on your behalf because it has the experience and expertise.

- Mediates in financial matters. (Loans)                                


Legal assistance

Our legal partner, with many years of experience, is perfectly aware of the Greek Property Law.

Our company, framed by a legal consultant specialized in the purchase and sale of real estate, ensures the legality of the transaction for the real estate you are interested in buying and informs you about the legal process and the necessary supporting documents required for the sale of your real estate.   

Real estate renovations

If you think that your home needs a renovation, a change to beautify and express you more, if you think that your workplace wants a renovation to become more functional and modern then we are here for you. We have the lowest prices and high quality materials, the work is done by experienced people.

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